We offer full day and half day options.  Our curriculum ensures strong foundation for future education within a safe environment.  We strive to make every child feel valued, make them confident and independent. We have new learning objectives each week that are met through group and individual activities. Children learn through writing, reading, mathematics, interpersonal activities like dramatic play, sensorial activities like shapes, objects, art, music, and motor activities. Long term projects are integrated into the curriculum. The outdoors gradually becomes an extension of the indoors in learning. Imagine Montessori offers an academically rich Pre K and K curriculum to stimulate and enhance your child's growth.

Imagine the Possibilities –

One’s Utmost Power

To help your child learn using the most suitable learning method, we blend the best parts of two learning methods. We use Traditional Learning for strong core academic foundation, and Montessori Learning for immersive learning method. Our distinct Imagine Montessori Curriculum focuses on nurturing a child’s intelligence through 6 learning methods. We use Mathematical, Language, Interpersonal, Fine Motor, Sensorial, Music and Art to help children attain their full potential.

Nurturing Intelligence

Intelligence can be nurtured by helping a child fully develop his or her curiosity. A child needs encouragement and challenge.  We use fun and challenging activities that activate specialized nerve centers in the brain. We want to help your child learn in a well rounded manner. Our curriculum is designed to help your child learn and enjoy the learning experience.


What is Montessori Method

Maria Montessori developed a method for the child to maximize his potential at each developmental phase. For the 3-6 year old children we ensure • Freedom to move • Lessons in grace and mutual respect • Materials to work with • Environment scaled down to size • Freedom to pursue interests • Learn at his own pace • Informed about the world he lives in.

Maria Montessori viewed the teacher as a guide who through patient observation is attuned to the child’s individual needs and therefore ready to guide the child to the next level of learning.